Creating a 3D Game

To develop a decent 3D game, 7 steps are involved:

  1. Modeling the characters
  2. Make a map deciding on the textures
  3. Furnishing the details
  4. Animating the details drawn
  5. Apply shades to the figures
  6. Gameplay depending on the game produced
  7. UI and music (the menu, the scoreboard, the background sounds, etc.,)

Of course, an amateur isn’t able to create a creature effect like that of Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps visual effects. But hey, no one is perfect on the first try, right? Wait what? You haven’t heard of Robert Kurtzman? Well, people also call him Bob Kurtzman for short. He is a legendary American film director who is also the founder of Creature Corps, an award-winning animation company whose 3D creature effects are world famous.

Best 3D Games online in Online Casinos

Three-dimensional games have pushed away from the two-dimensional games out of the market, rightfully so. The visual stimulation of three dimensional is way higher than the latter. There are four different categories of best 3D games online:

  1. Sports games: like Swipe Skate 2, Summer Sports: Water Polo, Tomb Runner, Better Than Chess 3D, Flip Master 3D, Angry Gran Run Miami, Bowling King, Street Luge, World Soccer Forever, etc.
  2. Racing games: like Burnin Rubber Cartapult, 3D Night City: 2 Player Racing, Scrap Metal 5, 3D City Racer, Scrap Metal 2
  3. Mental test games: Goblin Quest: Escape, Rencounter, Soul Tyrant: V2, Steam Defense, Wild Heroes
  4. Stimulation challenging games: River Assault, SlipStream Slider, Forklift Madness, Snowbowl, Find Your MyFaves
  5. Shooting games: Mad City: Prison Escape,, Tactical Squad, Apple Shooter Mobile, Red Crucible 3 Firestorm, Delta Force Game, Katie Commando, Hopeless – Episode 1 – The Prison

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Learn 3D Game Design at Home

To learn 3D game designing from home, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a design plan for your game – The storyline, the character, the mood, everything has to be thought over well. Resources need to be fixed. The note-taking, the collaborations, the game design everything has to be fixed.
  2. Deciding on the art- shaping up the characters of your games, the colors, the shapes need to be chosen
  3. Coding the data
  4. Audio for your game
  5. Polishing in order for the game to be more presentable
  6. And last but not the least market as much as you can

There are many institutes like AHE – The University of Humanities and Economics, Poland and Digital Media Arts College that offer courses on game designing from home. So keep at it, you never know, you may have been destined to become the next Bob Kurtzman, leading the next Creature Corps.