It’s been a busy week here at Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps, and since it’s Friday, we know you’re all waiting for a new Episode of Creature Corps: The Webseries. We’ve got a new one for you, and a couple of updates on what we’re working on.

In Episode 4, The Creature Corps heads out to The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, a building that has been called “one of the scariest places on Earth” (The Family Channel), and has been seen in THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, AIR FORCE ONE, and in music videos from GODSMACK and LIL WAYNE.

In Midnight Syndicate’s THE DEAD MATTER, the reformatory takes on a sinister role as the location of a zombie uprising. Go behind-the-scenes with Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps as their skilled team of FX artists puts the finishing touches on the zombie hordes as the cameras roll to capture the terror.


The Latest Projects from The Creature Corps:


THE WOMAN – Directed by Lucky McKee, Written by Jack Ketchum.

From the writer of OFFSPRING and the director of MAY – The Woman is the last surviving member of a feral clan that has roamed the Northeast Coast for decades. When the last of her family is killed in a battle with the police, The Woman finds herself alone, severely wounded and vulnerable. Unfortunately, she is now a far too easy prey for local hunter, successful country lawyer and seriously disturbed family man Christopher Cleek. With his twisted set of ideals, Cleek decides to embark upon a deranged project – to capture her and “break” The Woman – a decision that will soon threaten the lives of Cleek, his family and The Woman.


HOSTEL: PART III – Directed by Scott Spiegel, Written by Spiegel and John Fasano

The second sequel to Eli Roth’s twisted original finds Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps handling FX duties. Genre fans may recall that Precinct 13 worked on the original HOSTEL back in 2005, and that writer/director Scott Spiegel has worked with Robert Kurtzman on numerous projects over the past three decades. Kurtzman just returned from a visit to the Michigan set of HOSTEL 3, where the blood is flowing nicely.