The 3D engineering and video games industry

EUR 2.87 billion. This is the turnover that the video game industry reached in 2015, which confirms, once again, the growing appeal of the general public for this videogame entertainment. The development of new game media (smartphones, new generations of consoles, virtual reality headphones…) coupled with a gamification of sectors that were not initially connected with this entertainment offer many opportunities for students to take advantage of.

With this in mind, more and more training institutions are offering Masters, MS, and MBA in 3D engineering and video games, whether they specialize in game design, video game management or marketing.

Master / MS / MBA in Luxury management

While training at Bac + 2/3 focuses mainly on the development of video games, Masters, MS and MBA in 3D engineering and video games allow the holder to access both creative and managerial functions. Opportunities can lead to positions as diverse as multimedia or web project manager, designer/game designer, sound designer, Art Director, 3D graphic designer…

In the program of these courses, students follow courses that address the technical aspect and development of these professions but also issues of promotion, marketing, innovation and law (especially intellectual property).)…

The eye of the specialist: why a master, an MS or an MBA in 3D engineering and video games ?

The head of MBA Video Game Management, Thomas Nicolet, offers his expert opinion on the future of the environment and the opportunities available to future students: “video games have become a mass pastime that is deployed on numerous PC platforms, mobiles, consoles and dematerialized. The 3D image, fixed or animated, is now used for many purposes, from animated feature films to special effects, including simulation and virtual reality systems.

To create these new experiences, which are intended to be ever closer to reality, there are a large number of actors in France and internationally such as studios, publishers, agencies, research and development centers. There are highly specialized trades in design, engineering, marketing and management for which French training is notably recognized.

This sector is looking for enthusiasts who are ready to push the limits of what can be created with technological advances.

Working in the video game industry

A creative mind and a passion for video games are needed by students embarking on this path and, a fortiori, by future professionals. However, while these businesses remain passionate, the required by computer development and the trade in these products should not be forgotten. Because it is not enough to enjoy playing video games to know how to create good games for the public.

The recent graduates of Master, MS or MBA in video games are thus unanimous, the beginning of career is often difficult in this environment and requires many sacrifices: while video games require a significant investment of time and energy for young professionals to acquire enough experience and know-how, those who make this choice are embarking on a path that has of the future.

The video game industry in 2019

A little over 700 companies in France are involved in the life and development of this sector. Even if the majority of them are characterized by their youth (more than half of them have less than 5 years of seniority), offering great opportunities within small independent structures, large French studios (like Ankama, Gameloft, Ubisoft…) seek to compete with the international companies that still dominate the market and recruit many talents for this purpose.

Whatever their size, whether they are French or foreign, they all ask their employees to show the same curiosity and adaptability, so that their products meet players ‘ expectations, new technologies and also new consumer habits.

The ranking of masters, MS, and MBA in 3D engineering and video games

The podium of our TOP 5 3D engineering and video games remains the same as last year. It is therefore still led by the Gobelins ‘ interactive Digital Experiences and the IIM’s specialized Video Game Management MBA. The ESGI Master’s degree in 3D and video game Engineering maintains third place in our ranking.